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The goal of the Eiffel Power program is to provide the most effective, discreet solution to sexual performance anxiety available.

Meet Psychologist Dr. Deborah, Ph.D.


The entire Eiffel Power program has been developed and reviewed under the supervision of Dr. Debi Yohn, Ph. D.


Dr. Debi is an international psychologist, hypnotherapist, author, mentor, mother and speaker. She has 35 year’s experience living and working on 3 continents. In the early days of her career, Dr. Debi practiced in the US South helping rural families. The environment was such that at times, her initial greeting went something like, "Please put the gun down... I'm a social worker not a revenuer."

Career advancement brought Dr. Debi to Saudi Arabia for 7 years. There she conducted team-building workshops. In the US, she worked for two Fortune 500 healthcare organizations and rose to the position of Director. Her next assignment was in Shanghai, China, where she developed a private practice serving the 300,000-strong, English-speaking expatriate community. She has written and lectured on a wide variety of subjects related to the universal challenges of parenting, mental health, adjusting to change, loss of a loved one and strategies for a success-filled life. Dr. Debi is the founder of "Lifeline Shanghai."

Dr. Debi believes that life teaches us the things we need to learn. She feels that in finding ways to learn those lessons as quickly and fully as possible, we help improve our overall quality of the life.

In a complicated, overscheduled, and often crazy world, Dr. Debi teaches real strategies to bring joy, serenity and relaxation. She currently lives between South Florida, Mexico and Shanghai, China and travels the world working with clients, writing and managing her diversified business and charitable interests.

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