Psychological Impotence: Learn More

What are the symptoms of psychological impotence?

  • Tough time attaining an erection (it takes longer than you would like)
  • Difficulty staying erect (you go soft quickly)
  • Fear of Sex (you panic thinking about it)
  • Sexual Avoidance (fear it may happen again)
  • Lack of confidence in the bedroom (worried about letting your partner down)
  • Uncertain about your sexual ability (worry performance isn’t good enough)
  • Anxiety leading up to sex (feelings of panic)

When/How does psychological impotence occur?

Psychological impotence can happen to anyone at any time:

  • A first sexual experience (with new partner, or in general)
  • Been out of action for some time
  • Very little sexual experience
  • Gone limp once before
  • Problems in your relationship (especially communication)
  • Doubts about your sexual ability
  • Compared yourself to porn stars

Should I be worried about my psychological impotence?

Yes and No. Psychological Impotence is a common problem that is treatable. However after losing an erection once or twice, the trauma of psychological impotence can create a vicious cycle. You may find yourself anxious before or during sex, causing you to lose an erection. The anxiety will most likely increase each time you attempt to have sex. This is a cycle that can be difficult to break on your own.

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